Children's Spot
There are many, many sites that offer free coloring pages and activity sheets that can be either downloaded or printed from home.  These are a sampling of some of things you can find on-line for you and your children to do together to make learing about Jesus more fun.  Please be aware that some of the sites on line are non-adventist operated, yet still offer great tips and ideas for you to modify if you desire.

We will be adding more resources, please check back soon!

Have fun!


Coloring Pages



Printable Fun

Bible Story Recipes
Recipes you can make together with your children that teach bible lessons as you work together in the kitchen.

Online Bible Games

Bible Study Games

Bible Word Games


Grace and Peace
Children's Bible Lessons

MSSS Crafts and Resources
Directory of Resource for Sabbath School lessons.

Children's DVD's and Entertainment Resource--Nest Entertainment