GodTube--Now Tangle.com
Tangle is a non-denominational Christian website where young people come together to upload videos which depict their faith, to discuss life questions, to share their personal experiences, and to connect with other young people of various faiths. 

Tangle's vision is to take our faith outside the church doors and tangle it up in everything we do.  The new website is interesting, and has alot of good information and excellent messages.

Please remember, it is not Adventist owned or operated, so please use your own discretion when viewing videos or browsing the site. 

There is a virutual bible tab that offers a unique bible study option, and a prayer wall where you can post your prayer requests and view answers to prayer.

We are offering a link to this site in hopes that the Adventist community will begin developing a presence on this type of media.  The exposure that these sites have would be beneficial for us to explore and use in our efforts to reach the lost, both young and old with the third angels message.

If you'd like to explore Tangle, click here.