Is Your Church Hiding?
10 Keys for Connecting with Your Community


  Celeste Ryan Blyden
  Celeste Ryan Blyden
Celeste Ryan Blyden is the assistant to the president for communication in the Columbia Union Conference.
  Kermit Netteburg
  Kermit Netteburg
Kermit Netteburg pastors the Beltsville Church in Beltsville, Maryland.

About this webinar:
You work hard to keep Adventist members informed, invested, and connected to your church, school, or organization. But what about the public? Do they know who you are? Do they know what you believe? Do they know how your organization benefits the community or that it even exists?

All too often people in our communities – leaders, business people, the media, work associates, even our neighbors – aren’t aware of our presence, our message of hope, and all that we do to make a difference.

How can we change this and raise the public’s awareness of Seventh-day Adventists? How can we help them know more about who we are, what we believe, and how we serve?

This webinar is ideal for communication directors, pastors, and anyone interested in raising their church’s profile in the community.

The 10 steps outlined in this webinar will provide you with practical, creative, and cost-effective ideas for: 

  • Public Relations – Increasing visibility in the community
  • Community Relations – Increasing involvement in the community
  • Media Relations – Establishing and nurturing media contacts
  • Improving Name Recognition – Helping more people know about Seventh-day Adventists
  • Branding – Using the Adventist Church’s official logo and graphic standards
  • Building Relationships – Establishing and maintaining relationships and a good reputation with public media, community leaders and organizations, and our neighbors

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